Saturday, March 31, 2012

Freelance Programming - Pros & Cons

During the last decade, we can clearly see a trend of outsourcing parts of software projects to contract (freelance) programmers. The main reasons for that are:

1. Price - in some software fields (mainly web) there's a possibility of getting a project in a much cheaper cost,using the services of freelancers in developing regions, such as India or Eastern Europe.

2. Availability - many software firms are located in isolated places and not in large cities. This limits the availability of skilled personnel for hiring, and forces those firms hire remote personnel.

3. Cost on demand - many firms (especially small ones) prefer to be cautious and not hire personnel that they may not need for a long period of time. The use of freelance services lets them avoid commitment of hiring permanent personnel.

The main reasons for employers to refrain from hiring freelancers:

1. Location - many employers are skeptical about the efficiency of working vis-a-vis professionals located in other countries or even in other continents. They can't believe thay would have enough control over the project in such a mode of work.

2. Skill level - many employers are skeptical about the professional level of developers in developing countries and refrain from giving them a chance.

3. Local-patriotic sentiments - many employer feel obliged to hiring personnel in their region/country and feel a sense of guilt outsourcing work.

I've mentioned 3 pros and 3 cons concerning hire freelance developers or not. Now it's your turn to react: pro or con?

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