Sunday, March 11, 2012

Want a Smartphone, Ah?..

So you've decided to get a smartphone.. Yes - you've seen this cool gadget in your friends' hands and got jealous, so what?.. Now it's time to consider what's important to you in a smartphone and how to avoid a lame purchase:

1. Ask yourself if you want to purchase a smartphone for the show-off or for a real need. Smartphones (as new technology devices) aren't so cheap those days and in addition, they require some time of learning. Many people buy these gadgets mainly for the kicks of it and find themselves doing the same things they could do with standard cell phones.

2. Consider switching your supplier, meaning: if you ask your supplier (the company selling you the cell phone service) for an upgrade to a smartphone, you'll probably get a relatively narrow choice because your supplier doesn't feel the necessity of attracting you to its service. Moreover, if you have a contract with that supplier, your case may be even more difficult..

3. Prepare yourself for the shopping - write down what you really need in a smartphone and what's expandable for you. If you start considering your needs under the pressure of an exuberant salesperson, you'll find yourself buying the salesperson's choice..

4. Consider the deal offered to you as a combination of basic cost (the phone) + the contract cost (monthly payment for maintenance + insurance). Most people overlook the monthly payment issue and find themselves with a super expensive package after all.

5. Check carefully if the smartphone offered to you actually supports basic programs such as: Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook. Some of the smartphones just don't support Microsoft software, and salespersons Don't tend to tell you that..

6. Battery - don't rely on what the salesperson tells you. Just Google it or ask someone! If you rely on the salesperson, you'll find yourself charging your smartphone every day and whining to all the world..

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