Friday, April 27, 2012

Your Mobile Phone & Your Boring Life

All of you who've purchased a new mobile phone during the last year, please raise your hands! Oh, I've got it: all of you..

The mobile phone, a tiny instrument that some 20 years ago used to be a status symbol for snobs, has become a part of our daily boring life. This has been possible mainly because of the fact that it has been much more than a phone device.

Let me remind you of some of the things you do with your mobile "phone":

1. Send SMS messages more than you eat or drink. Much of the communication today is performed in a means that some 20 years ago would have been considered "weird" or "geeky" and would have made you lose your job or get dumped in a relationship.

2. Play games - in the 80th & 90th playing a tiny electronic device was appropriate mainly for elementary school pupils. Nowadays, you can't walk down the street without catching some aging people doing something with their phones which takes more time than simply texting..

3. Schedule or meeting lists - who can remember the old days (a decade ago..) when people actually memorized their meetings or time schedule or (Heaven forbid) wrote those details on papers?..

4. Listen to music - well, I must admit that assimilating a music player into a telephone device seems quite logical, but only a decade ago it seemed a bit odd to plug an earphone to the same device where you gossiped about your new coworker.

5. Web surfing - in year 2000, if you would have asked an average person where he/she surfed the web, the answer would have been: "a computer with an heavy monitor & a 10 pound mother board". Seriously, who would have thought that a decade later "a monitor" would be a miniature telephone?..

To sum it all up, I can send you my Condolences for your mobile phone addiction!

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