Saturday, May 21, 2011

Windows 7 - What's New?

Basically we can consider this OS as a "well functioning Vista". It doesn't add much to what Vista offered before, and I'll pinpoint the added functions Windows 7 offers.

generally speaking, WIN 7 is more functional than Vista with a better emphasis on user experience:

First, the User Account Control (UAC) is modernized compared to one in Vista. The UAC in Vista used to alert the user every time any change was performed on the computer, and by that I refer even to a simple clock setup. Win7 alerts the user only in a single scenario: when a program tries to implement changes on the computer. This change makes the UAC more reliable, because the user actually pays attention to the alerts.
In addition, Win 7 lets you an amount of control over the UAC: you may choose between 3 choices: off,partially on - only for changes made by software, on (like in Vista).

Second, A new element is added: 'Homegroup', which make it easier to share folders,files & hardware component over a home network. The Network and Sharing Center is now much more efficient and easy to work with. The file sharing mechanism, that was head-breaking in Vista, is very easy to use in Win 7 and requires not much than a right-click.

Third, A new task bar was formed, which now replaces the former 'Quick Launch bar' and resembles the task bar on MAC OS. This task bar will show the user all the opened windows in a micro size image. Moreover, if the user drags a non-maximized window to the top of the screen - that window is automatically maximized. If the user drags a maximized window downwards, it returns to its original size. If that window is dragged to the left edge of the screen, it occupies the left half of the screen. The same if dragged to the right edge.

Fourth, The Control Panel is much more user friendly on Win 7: when a user chooses a category on the control panel, he/she gets a new screen with the subcategories of that main category. That feature may make the tracking of the desired function swifter.

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