Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Should You Move to Linux OS?

This morning, while brushing my teeth and shaving, a weird question crossed my mind: if Windows OS costs a lot and Linux OS is free, why do so few people use Linux. I've search the web for answers, combined it with what I already know, and here it is.

The fact is many organizations & individuals consider seriously using Linux, but most of them refrain from doing so. The main reasons:

1. Habit - people are just used to Windows, and leaving it takes a serious reason which most people just don't see.

2. Consensus - people see that almost every one they know uses Windows OS, so they assume that 'everyone can't be wrong';

3. Lack of skill - many refrain from Linux usage because they believe that it requires a significant technical knowledge and it's not user-friendly like Windows OS.

4. Less compatible software - most people believe that if they moved to Linux OS, they would suffer from a small variety of compatible software.

So why should people move to Linux OS? Basically, I can think of a few main reasons:

1. It's free - a couple hundred dollars per a computer isn't cheap for Americans & Europeans and is definitely expensive for most parts of the world. So Linux OS is a nice opportunity for a little saving.

2. Hardware support - in recent years, the portion of drivers, graphical cards and others that can work with Linux has risen sharply. This means that most hardware functionality available on Windows OS is also available on Linux.

3. Security - the terms 'Anti-virus' or 'anti-spyware' are quite unknown to Linux users because this operating system is almost free of these risks. This occurs due to the fact that Linux is based on voluntary contributions from its large community, so solutions to viruses and other security issues are quickly spread through the web.

4. Flexibility - Linux OS allows more flexibility than Windows OS. For example,you may modify the user interface easily and communicate with the OS kernel more extensively.

5. Software - most Linux software is free & open-source. This means that you may modify the software for your needs or even monetize it after modification.

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