Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Can I Measure my Internet Speed?

Internet speed = the pace of downloading data from internet sites to the user's computer.
Internet speed is crucial especially in media (video &graphics) application.
The following website can tell your internet speed, and supply statistics of it compared to others in tour country  and around the world:  see here

Viewing the international statistics, I can infer that there are large gaps between regions and sometimes between countries  of the same region.  The top ten nations, those who enjoy the average fastest internet connections are: South-Korea,Sweden, Lithuania,Romania,Netherlands,Latvia, Switzerland, Moldova,Bulgaria,Germany.

Surprise: half of those nations have developing economies and are not well-developed.  This comes in contrary to my initial intuition, saying that top economies allow top web service.  Moreover, the web speed in the US isn't faster by far  than  in Russia & Eastern Europe.  China & India both suffer from a very slow average internet connection, a fact contradicting the thought that these two can take the world lead in technology.

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