Monday, February 16, 2015

Physical Therapy - Do Something For Others for a Change

Ladies and gentlemen, this week I'm going to speak a bit about an unselfish profession. A profession which is also a task: Physical Therapy (also known as: Physiotherapy).

 I'm going to emphasize the basic points you need to know about this career:

1. Who is suitable for this profession?

2. What is the training track required for this career?

3. What are the main advantages of this profession?

4. What are the main disadvantages of this career?

Who is suitable for this profession?

In my opinion, a small fraction of society can to well with this profession.  this profession requires a few basic characteristics which without even one of them, the person might not survive in the field:

1. Ability to experience pain and suffering of others - physical therapists don't work usually with very healthy people.  This demands resilience  from the therapist in order to put up with the daily routine.

2. Good manual skills - physical therapists work with their hands, thus they need a decent level of manual skills for performing the actual therapy.  For example: Lifting a limb in order to demonstrate a move.

3. Ability to work as self employed - much of the job market in this field is based on independent service to people in their homes.  For this to occur, the therapist must be able to run  small practice including the basic running of a business  (bookkeeping, service support, marketing etc.).

What is the training track required for this career?

Prepare your butt for a 4 year academic track! If you've thought it's a piece of cake to become a physical therapist, you've got it all wrong.  the studies combine theory and practice as you should be trained both on the scientific (medicine) and on the practical (performance) side.  The studies take a bout 30 hours a week and some work at home.  Thus, it's not a track  for easy life seekers.

What are the main advantages of this profession?

I'll tell you a little secret: most people do nothing significant in their jobs.  They do absolutely nothing contributing to humanity or society. They do nothing fulfilling or reassuring.  They do the same again and again, for months and years.

This can't be said about physical therapists.  These people help people every day, all day.  There's nothing unnecessary or pretending about their work.  There's nothing done for the looks of it or for the impression.

By this I rest my case.

What are the main disadvantages of this career?

As in every career, if you're not suitable for this kind of work, you'll suffer and suffer big time!  Do not choose these career without a proper career advice.  I dare you!

Moreover, this profession is for people who love people, not for people who love money.  Do not go for this career path because you hear of good wages in this field. 

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