Friday, March 29, 2013

Smartphone - in What Ways It's Better than Other Mobile Phones?

The term "Smartphone" refers to mobile phones intended for a relatively complex use compared to "ordinary" mobile phones. The smartphone is actually a mini computer capable of functioning as a telephone.

We should bear in mind that the mobile phone "plague" started around year 2000, and then it was a revolutionary change to be able to use a mobile phone from everywhere. Now it seems quite odd to meet people who don't possess some kind of a mobile phone.

The basic use of smartphones is based on a fast & reliable internet connection: most of the use (other than phone calls) is to websites or web services. Without the web, smartphones are simply useless.

An example to a funny use of smartphones: you're at a party and there are around you about a hundred people. Ooops..your eyes get focused on a 25 years old cute girl. What do you next? you enter a forum of people you know and start sniffing about that girl. Geeky but useful..

So, what are the advantages of smartphones over ordinary mobile phones?

1. Smartphones are actually computers, which means that using them is as intuitive & simple as browsing the internet. Everything is done using a touch screen, without the need of pressing buttons or keys. This also means that listening to music is way more enjoyable than doing so using an ordinary phone.

2. There is a huge market of applications that you may add to your smartphone, and by that enhance its capabilities. Services such as "Android Market" or "iPhone App Store" offer millions of applications for simple downloading.

3. Smartphones can actually browse the internet. That means that you can enjoy a browsing experience similar to that of a personal computer. Ordinary mobile phones offer only a basic browsing capability, which is much slower & graphically limited compared to smartphones.

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