Friday, June 29, 2012

Programmer Job Market - What's Next?

The #1 question every software professional needs to ask himself is : "Where's the heck I'm going to in the near future??". Software is a quickly changing world, where hot fields today may become irrelevant in a couple of years. Thus, a software professional can't afford neglecting this question, at least if he really wants to stay around for long years.

So where's the hot point: what are the most promising fields in the industry for the coming years.

1. Java - the most popular programming language in the world today, with 20% of developers using it as a primary language. This means that millions of applications are going to need updating and maintenance in the coming years.

Additionally, Java is useful for making desktop applications as well as web applications.

2. PHP - is a language for server side web pages. i.e when you load a web page, some of the operations are performed on a server. PHP is used now by millions of programmers around the world, many of them freelancers.

It's free-to-use ("open source") and enjoys an extensive online support.

3. HTML/Javascript/CSS - these languages (not exactly programming ones, but let's ignore that) are used to simply build the user experience of a web site, i.e. the side of the site which the user can see. Obviously in an era of Internet, mastering these languages is extremely important in order to stay relevant in the industry.

For a programmer, not to know HTML or Javascript is like for a doctor not to know resuscitation.

Summary - don't be indifferent to market trends, because you'll find yourself out of business some day.. I hope this short article will make your day a bit better..

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