Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finishing IT College Degree? My condolences...

The crisis point of nearly every university graduate, including in the High-Tech sector, is the beginning of career right after graduation. The cliche says: "All beginnings are tough", and that's exactly relevant to fresh graduates.

So what can you do when you're a proud graduate with absolutely no practical experience? all you know is theory, and employers need practicality. They can't generally put time and effort in a graduate in training him/her to suit the job's requirements. So there's the deadlock!

Here I give a few steps that can make life easier for fresh graduates, in this case: Computer Science (or Software Engineering) graduates:

1. While studying, make sure you take as many practical courses as you can: programming languages, website development, database platforms. Make sure you perform a large scale practical project, because that's what you can show prospect employers.

2. Create personal ties during your studies, as peers might be helpful in finding the first job.

3. Remember - you've got a family: ask your relatives (even remote ones) if they are familiar with job prospects or key personalities who may be of help.

4. Your CV - nowadays CV writing is an art by itself. This means that it may be useful hiring a professional to write your CV.

5. Be proactive - send every software firm in your area your CV. Many jobs don't go online, but if you take the initiative, you might catch some big fish.

6. Show some compromise about your salary. Small firms usually can't afford paying as much as large firms, but can give you the 2-3 year internship you need so desperately.

7. Change location - if you live outside the big city, it inhibits your job prospects. A relocation may be necessary.

Summary - the first job crisis may be lethal to graduates who don't deal with it wisely, but might quite easy to overcome if the right approach is taken.

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