Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The World's Most Popular Programming Language

Knowing what are the most popular languages in the industry can tell you if  your hunch is right, and you indeed code in one of the promising platforms...

The data presented here reflect the number of jobs offered (mainly in North America & western Europe) in a mentioned platform.   It can't reflect the quality of a programming language nor the difficulty of the daily work with it.  Only the number of jobs.

1. Java -  Java is currently the  most popular programming language and hires nearly 20% of the software developers(data: TIOBE).
Java is used in developing complex dynamic web applications, network programming and robotics.   JSP(Java Server Pages), Servlets(Java programs that is executed on server side, and often used to process the client request) are the most popular java technology among web developers.
this excellent and diversified  language was developed in the middle 90th and hires about 9 million developers around the world. 
 This means that this an ocean of application written in Java, and this means there is an ocean of software requiring maintenance and modification.   Java is the language in which developers write Google  mobile-phone Android OS applications.  android OS even supplies an API in order to assist developers. 

2. C   -  Hires about 15% of the software developers.   This ancient language was developed in the early 70th, designated for system application development (operation system program).  It has developed to embedded software (in electronic devices) and recently to mobile phone applications.  C exactly comes between the Assembly language and object Oriented language such as Java.

3. C++  -  Hires about 10% of the software developers.  The language was developed in the late 70th as an enhacement  to C and was initially named "C with Classes".

It is widely used for development of system application, device drivers, embedded software,  server-client applications and entertainment application (graphic games, video games).

4. C#    -  Hires about 8% of the software developers. It was developed as a part of the .NET platform (of Microsoft) and was designated to be parallel to PHP functionally.

In recent years, it has become a standard language and not just a usable on .NET platform. Some viewers consider it as an improved Java.  

5.  PHP  -  Hires about 6% of the software developers. PHP is is the most widely used scripting language over the web.   

This script language runs on the server in web applications. It can also be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications.  It's compatible with most servers, most operation systems and most relational-databases. 

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