Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Time: Mac vs. PC Users && First Impression of Firefox4

Mac vs. PC users

A new survey gathering some 400,000 views tries to explain the issue.   The attrition battle between these two platforms (or shall we say: two civilizations) gets a new empirical aid from a new survey held by the 'Hunch' portal.

 You'll not be surprised to hear that the survey strengthens the common view of the two communities: Mac users tend to be relatively young, intelligent, well-educated ,liberal and tend to live in the big city.  PC users would rather have a Harley-Davidson &  some fries at Mcdonald's to begin with.

The 'Hunch' portal was founded back in 2009 by some MIT graduates led by Caterina Fake, who is also Flicker's founder.  The portal has done much  since then in revealing  the deep secrets of the web users.  

Viewing the survey, it's easy to see that it's not really a "scientific" research as far as it concerns the methods being used: about 50% were PC users and only 25% were Mac users.

The reason for all that:  First, Mac is much more expensive than PC, and well-educated liberal people tend to be wealthier (OMG).  Second, Mac is wide-spread in Europe whereas PC is in total control of the North-American market.  The characteristics of Mac users suit better  European computing fans rather than  American ones.  
First  Impression of Firefox4

The new version of Firefox brings some user-interface modifications intending to put Firefox ahead of the other major browsers (Internet Explorer & Chrome).  First of all, the reason to move to FF4 is simple: you'll do it anyhow  at some point, so why not as soon as possible?..

The first pro about FF4 is that it detects automatically which installed add-on isn't compatible with the new version and suggests to update it (if possible).

The second pro is that immediately after the installation, the user gets a page with video tutorials presenting FF4 and its new features, making the adaptation  much easier.

The third pro is the new GUI design: it looks fresher and more 'techy' than the previous one, including thousand of custom templates ("persona") to enrich the user-interface.

In short, Firefox is probably still the best browser out there: best security, best privacy, best (by far) add-on gallery & pure open-coded.   I wouldn't bet on it to remain the best in the next few years,  taking into account the dramatic expansion of Google Chrome (and the mega-force standing behind it..), but for now - it's simply the best..

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